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Welcome to Brown Exterminating of the Roanoke Valley

For over 40 years Brown Exterminating has been providing

Safe, Effective, and Affordable pest control in the Roanoke Valley.

Safe - Our methods are safe around children and pets.  Guaranteed!

           Effective - Our results are Guaranteed!

                     Affordable - All of our service fees are reasonable and fair.  Guaranteed!

Our Company was founded by C.B. Knox in 1972 with the mission this mission statement....

(and the creek don't rise)

We will develop a large company based on the old fashioned principles of an honest days pay for a honest days work, in such a way that the capitalist system will truly be served, by developing dedicated, able employees from workers to the owners of the various components of the complany.

C.B. Knox

Today that mission statement is a reality with Brown Exterminating franchises operating in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee.

In July 2011 Barry & Belinda Massie of Roanoke purchased Brown Exterminating of Roanoke and they are absolutely committed to carrying on the principals that built this wonderful company.