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Remove Ant Problems Permanently

Ants are pests that surround the tiniest crumb of food in your home, business, or industrial area and stay there. Ants move in groups, so thousands can appear unexpectedly. While putting out poison can reduce the problem, it can not get rid of the infestation. Also, poison can be harmful for pets or small children. The right thing to do when your residential, commercial, or industrial area is infested with ants is to call the professionals. Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. has the right method for exterminating ants from areas around Roanoke County, VA.

If you feel there are too many ants in your home, business, or industry, contact Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. by calling (540) 266-3394.

Call Professionals in Roanoke, VA

For over 40 years, Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. has been providing professional and successful pest control services to areas around Roanoke County, VA. We have multiple technicians whose experience enables them to remove pests quickly and effectively from your home, business, or industry. Pest control problems are not something to ignore or something to try to take care of yourself. The best solution we suggest is that you call the professionals to remove ants, insects, and rodents that have made a home in your residential, commercial, or industrial area.

Certified Exterminators in Roanoke, VA & Other Areas

After having over 40 years of experience, we know that pests can infest both small and large buildings. All pests have a different method of extermination, and Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. has practiced those methods for years. In areas of Virginia like Botetourt, Roanoke, Franklin, and Craig counties, we are certified to provide our expert extermination services. We are also able to provide special services like real estate inspections and well and septic tank testing. Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. is part of the VPMA, Better Business Bureau, and National Pest Management Association. Your satisfaction and the extermination of pests in your area are our main goals.

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