Exterminate Rats & Mice

in Roanoke, VA

Remove Rodents that Harbor Diseases

Rodents are potentially dangerous and annoying pests that enter homes, businesses, and industrial areas. Whether it is mice, rats, or other forms of rodents, these creatures can harbor diseases and ruin almost everything inside of your building. Since they can be dangerous and hard to catch, a professional like Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. should be called to remove all rodents from your residential, commercial, or industrial area. To protect friends, family, customers, employees, and everyone else, hire a professional exterminator to exterminate rodents from these buildings.

To have Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. come to your area to remove rodents, contact us by calling (540) 266-3394.

Over 40 Years Experience in Roanoke, VA

For over 40 years, Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. has provided professional and successful pest control to areas like Botetourt, Craig, Franklin, and Roanoke counties in Virginia. We have multiple exterminators and technicians who have experience in exterminating rodents. We can exterminate rodents and other pests from your residential, commercial, and industrial area quickly and efficiently. Pest control is not something to take lightly. Instead of setting unuseful traps and laying out poison, call the professionals.

Multiple Services to Multiple Areas of Virginia

Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. knows that rodents and other pests can slip in buildings undetected and can grow in size. We provide expert extermination services to multiple areas of Virginia. We are certified to provide all of our services, and even offer real estate inspections and well and septic tank testing along with our extermination services. We have become members of large organizations like the Better Business Bureau, National Pest Management Association, and VPMA. Our goals are to exterminate all pests from your residential, commercial, and industrial areas and provide you with a clean building.