Termite Extermination

in Virginia

Exterminating Termite Colonies in Roanoke, VA

Termites are some of the worst pests that can get into homes, businesses, or industries. Termites colonize in wooden parts of structures and eat at the wood. Colonies of termites can range from hundreds to millions of tiny bugs that can harm your buildings. When these colonies focus on a certain area of a building, they can compromise the structure and integrity. They are also difficult to get rid of. When you have a termite problem, it has to be taken care of right away. If you have seen evidence of termites, a professional exterminator should be your first call. Call Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. to exterminate the termites in your residential, commercial, or industrial area by contacting us. Call (540) 266-3394 to schedule an appointment.

Removing All Types of Insects

Only professionals know the right way to get rid of every single termite in your home, business, or industry. Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. is the expert extermination service in Roanoke County, VA. We have the experience and the training necessary to exterminate termites from your area. We suggest you call us at the first sign of a termite infestation. Not only do we remove termites, but we also remove spiders, stink bugs, other insects, rodents, and provide other special services. We deal with any pests in the correct way and have been trained and certified to do so. For more information on what we can do to get rid of termites and other pests, start by calling Brown Exterminating Co. Inc.

Traveling to You to Exterminate Termites

Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. has been providing termite extermination and other forms of extermination for over 40 years. Customer satisfaction is our goal. We will travel to you in Craig, Franklin, Botetourt, or Roanoke counties in Virginia to rid your residential, commercial, or industrial area of unwanted guests. We are certified in many areas of the pest control field and offer multiple services to rid your residential, commercial, and industrial area of pests.