Well Testing
in Roanoke, VA

Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. is Keeping Your Well System Clean

Count on Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. in Roanoke, VA for superior well testing in Roanoke, VA. Something that may not have pests but still needs attention is well systems. These systems can hold bacteria or other types of harmful chemicals that could harm family, customers, or employees. To keep everyone safe, it is important to call Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. We are an extermination service that not only checks real estate and removes pests, but also does well testing. Our team will check every part of your residential, commercial, or industrial area that could have pests. We have the best techniques and training to remove even the most stubborn of pests.

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Well Testing and Pest Control
Services in the Roanoke, VA Area

For over 40 years, Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. has been providing well testing and pest control services to areas around Roanoke County, VA. We have multiple technicians whose experience enables them to remove pests quickly and effectively from your home, business, or industry. Pest control problems are not something to ignore. Instead of trying to fix the problem yourself, we suggest you call the professionals. We remove rodents or insects that have made a home in your residential, commercial, or industrial area.

Certified & Trained for Pest Control in Roanoke, VA

Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. knows that pests are everywhere and can infest both small and large buildings. We provide expert extermination services to many areas of Virginia, such as Franklin, Bedford, Botetourt, and Roanoke counties. We are certified to provide well testing, along with real estate inspections. We are a part of multiple credible organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau and the National Pest Management Association. Pest control and your satisfaction are our main goals.

Select Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. for excellent well testing in Roanoke, VA.