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How to Hire a Pest Control Expert

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Do you know how to hire a pest control expert? Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. in Roanoke, VA. has some great tips for you in this month’s blog. Pest control like everything else you do for home maintenance requires research. You should be sure you are doing business with a reputable company that can best serve your needs. Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. has a great reputation for quality pest control in the Roanoke Valley. Here are some items to consider courtesy of 21oak.com.


Ask if they Have Licensing or Certification for the Job

Check to see if they’re clear to work in your state. Some of the companies may even let you see the paperwork on their website at any time. This may not be as common for smaller companies. You should ask for them for their certifications at the time you meet with them when considering their service. The technicians at Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. are licensed, and have multiple certifications.


Make Sure They’re Insured for Their Work at Every Step of the Process

Insurance is a common problem that some don’t consider when hiring a pest control service. You could have to sign some paperwork before the work begins. Make sure they have insurance and liability coverage themselves before they start. Remember, they’re working with chemicals and tools that can cause problems in the future.


Get to Know the Reputation for the Work They Do Every Day

Consider how knowledgeable your potential control expert is. They should be thorough and able to answer your pest control questions. That company should be able to answer the question, or alert you that they need to look up an answer. If they can’t, or aren’t willing to do so, that’s a sign of a problem.


Ask for What Services and Chemicals They Have

You should have a detailed plan from your pest control specialist for what they want to do. The process should include an inspection showing you where they are going to do the work. It should also include what the technician will need to do to finish the job.


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