Mouse peeking out of hole

How to Prevent a Mice Infestation

Brown Extermination Co Inc. is Trained to Keep Mice Out of Your Home

Do you know how to prevent a mice infestation? Brown Exterminating Co Inc. in Roanoke, VA can help you make that happen. Unless you have a rodent as a pet, you don’t want to have any pests like that in your home. The damage they do and chaos they bring can be very stressful. In our first blog of 2023, we are giving you tips about to prevent a mice infestation, courtesy of The Spruce.


Close Every Possible Entry to Your Home

Make sure you are thorough as possible finding unexpected openings into your home. That includes cracks in your walls or foundation areas. This inspection is more important in the fall as colder temperatures drop, and mice settle in for the winter months. Your attic is also a space prone to this kind of activity, too.


Keep Your Pet’s Food Closed Tightly

Make sure that you have an airtight container for each of your pet’s food. Whether it’s for your dog or cat, make sure they’re consuming safe and healthy food. You don’t want mice popping out when feeding your furry friend. Keep them out of reach, so you can keep that food safe for consumption.


Make Sure Your Garbage Containers Are Secure from Trouble

You shouldn’t allow garbage cans outside the house to be wide open. That will invite trouble from the outside. Those problems aren’t limited to mice, either. Dogs, cats, raccoons, and other unwanted guests can bring big trouble. You should keep them away from your home, tied down, and off the ground.


Keep Your Doors to the Outside Closed Whenever Possible

It doesn’t matter if it’s your front door or your garage door, keep them closed. Those are invitations for problems from mice if you leave the doors open. You should have a screen door for your side and main openings. Make sure that any possible way they could get in, remains closed for the night. That is when they’re most likely to sneak in.


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