Pest Control at Rental Properties

Brown Exterminating Co Inc. Takes Care of Rental Property Pest Issues

Get excellent pest control at rental properties from Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. in Roanoke, VA, and the Roanoke Valley. Do you know who is responsible for your pest control for your rental? That is something you should be checking into with your landlord. If you don’t know, this can create a lot of trouble on both sides. In this month’s bog, we focus on pest control at rental properties. Rentprep.com has some ideas for how to handle these unwanted and dangerous visitors.


Make Sure You Take a Careful Look at Your Lease When Needed

Landlords most of the time are the ones responsible for paying for the extermination service. That goes for getting rid of pests, and preventing them from entering your home in the first place. If you are not responsible for your unwanted visitors, your landlord must cover the cost. But if your way of life is the reason, that can come back to you. Your landlord must prove that you were the reason that happened. Keep a close eye on your lease.


Keep a Record of Infestations Impacting Your Living Spaces

Landlords should have a record of when infestations become a problem in your area. That includes when a tenant is and isn’t responsible. It should include when lifestyle causes infestations, and how the building is constructed.


The Landlord is Often Responsible for Paying for Pest Control

When deciding who is responsible, it’s most common to consider what kind of infestation is happening.  When you find insects in your apartment or other rental property, the responsibility usually falls to the landlord. Bed bugs, though, depend on the ordinances of the local area.


The Monthly Rent Could Become an Issue with Pest Control

If you filed a notice to your tenant, the tenant must come up with a plan for pest control. Check your state law for these situations. This will affect whether the tenant can avoid paying the rent check for the month. Whether it’s landlord or tenant responsible for pest control, Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. can get the job done affordably.


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