What Pests Live in Apartments?

Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. Takes Care of Apartment Pests

Do you know what pests live in apartments? Here are some of the common answers in the monthly blog from Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. in Roanoke, VA. Apartments, much like houses, occasionally have unwanted visitors. And they’re not always human. Sometimes they’re insects, and they bring their own dangers and require pest control. Here are some of the most common pests in apartments from apartmentabc.com.


Roaches Can Find Their Way to Your Living Spaces

Roaches, or cockroaches, are the most common pest to raise trouble for in your apartment. This is especially true when you live in a city setting. Wintertime is the most frequent period for these unwanted visitors, who are need of finding resources. Water is the most common thing that attracts them. Kitchens and bathrooms are generally where you will find roaches. At Brown Exterminating Co. Inc, we perform effective roach control.


If You Own a Pet, Be Aware of Fleas in Your Apartment

Not every apartment complex allows pets, but if you live in one that does, watch out for fleas. They pose a health risk not only for your pet, but also you. Even if you don’t have a pet, you should check if there are fleas from the prior tenant.


Bed Bugs Can Bite Whether You’re in a House or an Apartment

Bed bugs are very common, and thanks to their small size, it’s easy for them to move around. It’s normal for them to show up in suitcases, shoes, and boxes. Summer is the most normal time for them to increase in high volume. While they don’t carry disease, they can leave you itching and with welts on your skin. Landlords and others can rely on our bed bug control.


Moths Can Affect Your Apartment’s Food Supply

Moths have tendency to contaminate large amounts of food. The Indian Meal Moth is the most troublesome of their kind. You can find them in cereal boxes and flour. They will feed off what they find their way into. Moths come in small sizes, which makes them harder to get rid of.


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