Bees flying around yellow flower

Identifying the Bee Threat in Roanoke, VA

Brown Exterminating Co Inc. Knows How to Find Your Bee Problems

Do you need help identifying the bee threat in Roanoke, VA? Brown Exterminating Co Inc. has your answers. Were you around a beehive recently? Make sure you watch your step. When you move too quick, bees will think you’re threatening them. That’s when you get stung and get their venom. There are a few steps you can take when identifying if you’re under a bee threat. Doing so might help save your life.


How Do I Know if Bees Are About to Attack Me?

Bees will give you fair warning when they’re threatening you. They will make their presence felt by buzzing close to you before attacking. Make sure you follow these tips for escaping danger:

  • If they bump into you, you should run immediately.
  • Hold Your Breath Around Their Nests Because their Main Sense is Smell.
  • If You Wave Your Arms or Swat, They Believe You’re Threatening Them.


If you are in a situation where you are stung, just pull the stinger, and have an exterminator available.

Bees Carry a Significant Amount of Health Problems for You

Bee stings can cause a variety of reactions in your body. Those problems will normally be sharp pain with some swelling that goes away. But there are more severe cases. Moderate reactions could include extreme redness and swelling. If it’s severe, that could mean skin reaction, difficult breathing, a weak pulse and more. Know the dangers of dealing with these pests. For more information, check out the Mayo Clinic.


Brown Exterminating Co Inc. is Taking the Sting Out of Your Bee Problems

For quality help controlling the bee population at your home, count on Brown Exterminating Co Inc. in Roanoke, VA.  You don’t want bees attacking you, and we don’t either. That’s why we offer exceptional bee control services.  We use the latest tools and technology for giving you the peace of mind necessary. When you want great help with your bee problems, call us.


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