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Termite Inspection for VA Loans in Roanoke, VA

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For termite inspection for VA loans in Roanoke, VA, and the surrounding areas, count on the experts at Brown Exterminating Co Inc. The VA Home Loan Program serves our nation’s armed service members as they look for new homes. They need to be “move-in ready.” This is one of the many perks those who served our country deserve after putting their lives on the line. But like other loans, there are requirements. If you qualify, you need to have a termite inspection as part of the process. It’s critical that your home is termite-free upon inspection. Do you know why these are part of the process? Do you know when you need to get this done? Keep these simple variables in mind.

When Should I Have My Termite Inspection Done if I Have a VA Loan?

Any termite inspections should be done before you close the sale if you live in 30 states. What exactly you need to do depends upon where you live. Virginia residents don’t need special qualifications for this process to occur. The VA, though, doesn’t allow the borrower to pay for it in the majority of states. Lenders, real estate agents, and home sellers must consider each of these aspects. This rule impacts those in areas where the risk of termite infestation is high.

What Should My Termite Inspection Professional Be Looking for?

Your inspector should be looking at both your home’s potential interior and exterior. The primary reason is for wood damage. That will help you identify any problems that could thwart the home sale. This should get noted on the Wood-Destroying Insect and Organism Report. Your inspector could also use Wood Destroying Insect Report. This report notes active termites and other wood-destroying pests. This report could also include signs of the following:

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Old-House Borers
  • Powderpost Beetles

They will note others if there is a population there. This inspection is good for up to 90 days. This will ensure enough to finish the closing process and move in. Do you need more information? Check out the great resources available through Quicken Loans.

Who Pays for the Termite Inspection for My VA Loan?

If this is your first VA loan, the Department of Veterans Affairs will generally be the ones paying the bill. This is true in several states, but they have rolled back those guidelines elsewhere. This, though, is part of the reason why home sellers don’t view those buyers as favorable. That’s compared to traditional mortgages. This creates an extra cost for sellers as they’re trying to move out. Keep in mind that even though you had the inspection, that doesn’t mean that your home will remain termite-free. That rings true throughout the closing process.

Any Differences Between Move-In and New Construction Loans?

If you plan on building a new home, termite inspections may still be required. But you could be required to have a new construction subterranean termite soil treatment record. That will prove you had pretreatment added to the property for subterranean termites. That will help you keep these pests out of your new home. Termites don’t only hang around older properties all of the time. They don’t mind messing up new properties, too. You may not notice them on the construction materials, the mulch and various soils, though. And they may come crawling toward you.

Make Sure You Research the Most Reliable Termite Inspectors Around

You need the best termite inspections around for an investment you hope will serve you for years to come. This ensures that the job gets done right the first time. There are too many things at stake, including your money. That’s why these inspectors take great pride in their dedication to detail. Even the smallest problem can stop a real estate deal. You deserve to know that you will be safe in your home as long as you live in it. Make sure you hire the best termite inspector available to you. That will give you peace of mind, knowing your home is in great shape.

Brown Exterminating Co Inc. is Ready for Termite Inspection Needs

For termite inspections for those with VA loans, count on the team at Brown Exterminating Co. Inc. in Roanoke, VA. We know how hard our nation’s servicemen and women worked for the benefits they earned. Our experts know what to look for under the terms of VA loans for your new home. We know the requirements that Virginia residents need to meet for your home sale to be approved. You served our country. You deserve the best termite inspection services around for your potential new home. Reach out to us today for quality inspection services at a great price.

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